Even though there has been advances in ways to promote evidence-based health care, it is still a challenge to actually get the high quality evidence to the patient. We briefly touched the subject in a post regarding BMJ Rapid Recs – an approach to getting the newest evidence quickly and transparently incorporated into the recommendations. Yet, more can be done.

There is a substantial growth in published research, much of it is of poor value and the actual good stuff is not reaching the patients. This is where the Evidence Ecosystem comes in. The Evidence Ecosystem is a project initiated by MAGICapp, with the goal to reduce waste of evidence and to increase its value.

To achieve this, it requires that information flows easily and freely between all of those working on promoting the best health care. Thus, there needs for a direct link between the people performing the research, the guideline developers and those who are responsible for implementing recommendations. Instead of working on their own, they need to come together in a so-called ecosystem, to effectively conduct and promote the best health services.

MAGICapp Evidence Ecosystem seeks to promote this, by providing a digital solution with eHealth solutions and digitally structured health data. They propose a way to make the data available for those who need it, promoting the sharing of data between all the different people involved.

Want to know more? Have a look at the video below and also remember to check out our post on BMJ Rapid Recs.





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