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Society of Evidence is looking for writers in evidencebased medicine

Society of Evidence is looking for writers, who on a voluntary basis, can contribute with blog posts concerning evidence-based medicine.  As a writer, you largely decide the topic yourself, the requirement however is that the blog posts focus on evidence-based approaches. Thus, the content is not on a specific health issues per se, but rather on general methods, events, articles ect. concerning evidence-based medicine as a whole. No need to worry, if you are not completely sure what to write about in the beginning, we have a list of interesting topics that you can choose from. You will become a part of the team, and be able to influence the process and work flow, with the creativity and new ideas you find appropriate. In addition, you get a front seat to interact with fellow members working on evidence-based medicine.

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You are also welcome to contact us directly on society@evidencebased.dk

Latest update: 21.05.2019


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